A native Californian, I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area from where I embark on adventures to the state's diverse climates. Exploring the deserts, the coastlines, and the mountains of California and the Western US, I seek to capture slices of beauty that can awaken the viewer to the mysteries of life and the universe. I also seek to inspire a desire for conservation when my viewers see the moments of pure beauty that exist in the American wilderness. My art beckons the American renaissance ideals of the personal human connection with nature as the launching point for human creativity and harmony. I travel around the world shooting Sony mirrorless full-frame bodies and professional level lens to capture all of the details of this beautiful and fragile planet.

For my ("day-job") profession, I am a scientist, engineer, and policy expert in the field of renewable energy systems, climate science and policy, and energy efficiency. My passion for environmental values surfaces in all of my daily efforts for our planet's future and is showcased most vividly in the photographs displayed on this website. Please enjoy these slices of time and their penetrating insight into nature's beauty, which is far too often overlooked in our "modern" lives.

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